Welcome to men's silver ring, 100% silver 100% genuine
Welcome to men's silver ring, 100% silver 100% genuine

Spouse and children Heirlooms: Contributed by Valerie & Vickie Killeen

Valerie from BLEACHBLACK posted a photo of her mother’s, Vickie’s, wedding ring and we had to know more! So here is her story…

The following is contributed by Vickie Killeen:

“I’ve always loved faux bois jewelry, and how it mimics nature. I was lucky to have found this setting at all, especially after I left the original inspiration ring miles away in Sausalito. Those were the days before internet cheap earringscapability.

So, my patient fiancee and I went to a local jewelry store, and searched through 25 catalogs of yawn-inducing, traditional ring settings, and, there it was! It might have been fashion jewelry wholesalethe exact design, but even if it was slightly different, it was the same unique, branch style, entwined to form a diamond engagement ring, with a precisely fitted band to complete a full setting.

That was 34 years ago, and it’s something I just glance at every day, but I love it like the first day, because it’s different than any I’ve ever seen”

-Vickie Killeen