Welcome to men's silver ring, 100% silver 100% genuine
Welcome to men's silver ring, 100% silver 100% genuine

Showcased RubyLane Store: Antique-Masterpieces

Antique-masterpieces is a amazing store highlighted on RubyLane which sells some gorgeous antique jewelry. Don’t just does owner Erica intention to remember to with beautiful jewelry, but she also enjoys educating individuals about antiques. By starting to be a supporter of Antique-Masterpieces on Fb, you will get day-to-day mini-lessons on sure areas of antique jewelry, artwork and various antiques. I love it when sellers would like to educate their customers-it is a component of client support that may be a misplaced artwork.

A Victorian serpent ring, which has a ruby and diamond. Finished in 14k yellow gold for sale at Antique-Masterpieces’ RubyLane shop for $420

A navette design and style, early 19th Century ring performed in seed pearls and ruby. As most Georgian rings, this a single is 18k yellow gold with a silver-top. Selling price: $345

One more 19th Century piece is this 18k gold miniature in canetille frame on a delicate seed pearl chain. silver forest earringsIncludes a beautiful painting that matching rings for best friendsdepicts a courtyard and developing. The price is $650

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