Welcome to men's silver ring, 100% silver 100% genuine
Welcome to men's silver ring, 100% silver 100% genuine

Most loved Instagram Pics: June 2014

from top to bottom:

by_couture featuring Jemma Wynne bangles and bracelets

BeldoraJewelry showing off some new fashion jewelryacquisitions from the Miami Show back in February

kbrunini captures one of my favorite ring displays ever-rings shown on gigantic gems

anitakojewelry proudly jewels Rosie’s ears with her arrow diamond earrings

shopesquelito has both of these astounding antique turquoise and pearl rings for sale

metiersf shows how antique mixes effectively fashion jewelry wholesalewith Conroy & Wilcox new designs

BellflowerBay has the antique bracelet stacking thing down! Plus I love her tattoo

eriebasin has exquisite inventory and even the way it is exhibited is quite special

ExoticCrystals has the coolest mineral specimens available for sale, especially this fine quartz

SophieLouiseKerr6 not sure what this is…a necklace? a body chain? But I love it!

metiersf another photo from them because I love their showroom!

heartofsolidgold always has the best rings both in her personal collection and on the market

johnbrevard posted this really cool black and white sketch art, which makes me miss art class

jennifergandia captured these perfectly color-coordinated crystal specimens while at Tucson