Welcome to men's silver ring, 100% silver 100% genuine
Welcome to men's silver ring, 100% silver 100% genuine

How to wear boys’ rings

The following is the more popular way of wearing in the world

Index Finger-Want to get married, which means unmarried;

middle finger-already in love;

ring finger-indicates that they have been engaged or married;

Little finger-means celibacy.

It is said that the ring finger of the left hand has a blood vessel directly connected to the heart, so the lover must wear the wedding ring on the other’s ring finger.

I love you to my heart! I am willing to take precepts for your love!

The ring has different meanings when worn on different fingers.

The right hand and the left hand have different meanings.

The little finger of the right hand: Don’t fall in love.

Right ring finger: In love.

Right middle finger: Famous flowers have masters.

Right index finger: single noble.

Left pinkie: unmarried.

Left ring finger: getting married.

Left middle finger: Engaged.

Left index finger: unmarried.

Thumbs mean power, and it can also mean self-confidence.


As for the right hand, there is also a traditional saying that it is worn on the ring finger. It is said that it is worn here, indicating that it has the heart of a nun.

From a modern point of view, rings are more than just decorations. Which type of ring you like to wear and which finger you like to wear will reveal your inner story.

There is also a kind of ring. When you wear it, no matter where you wear it, it has no meaning. This kind of ring is a normal flower ring. This kind of ring serves as a decoration and can be worn on any finger you want to wear.

The ring on the thumb is a manifestation of individuality. It feels very selfish and unrestrained. Wearing the ring on the index finger feels more personal. The most formal way to wear it is to wear it on the middle finger. If you don’t want to feel too formal, you can add a simple ring to the left or right finger. The ring on the ring finger is usually a wedding ring. The ring finger is relatively slender, so no matter what kind of ring, it is a standard and delicate. The freshest way to wear is to wear the ring on the little finger. A small, simple tail ring makes women’s hands inexplicably cute. Generally, they just want to be single now, meaning “please don’t waste time chasing me”.

When wearing a more design ring, if you want to have a more personal style, you can consider matching another ring with the same material and simpler lines on the other finger. If the material properties of the ring can be matched with the watch, it is the best. For example, if you are wearing a lovely flower ring, you can match a watch with a leather gold frame. If you don’t have too many watches or rings that can be changed, consider staggering the hand wearing the ring and the hand wearing the watch, and don’t let two uncoordinated accessories appear on the same hand.

When wearing two rings on the same hand, the color must be the same, and if one ring is complicated, the other must be simple. In addition, it is best to choose two adjacent fingers, such as middle finger and index finger, middle finger and ring finger or ring finger and little finger, and never have a “mountain” between them.

  1. For ladies

. Those who like pink diamonds or pink corals are emotional and romantic.

. Those who like ruby ​​or rubellite are passionate.

. Those who love sapphire or aquamarine. More introverted and indifferent.

. Those who like emeralds or turquoise have weak emotions.

2. For men

. Wearing a sterling silver ring means that you are gentle and easy to accommodate others.

. Those who wear a gold ring pay more attention to interests and tend to have shrewd business acumen.

. Those who wear jade and jade pay attention to the quality of taste and cultivation, and handle things rigorously.


Third, the meaning of ring wearing

What is the meaning of the ring on the left and right hand or which finger? Does it have different interpretations in different cultures?

thumbs up:

According to ancient Roman literature, wearing a ring here can help you achieve your wish and move on to success.

Index finger:

The finger that indicates the direction. Wearing the ring on this finger will make the personality become cheerful and independent. It is most suitable for people who are engaged in freelance work.

Middle finger:

is second to the ring finger, which is the most suitable finger to wear a wedding ring. The ring can create a free and hearty atmosphere when worn on it, allowing you to emerge from inspiration, become more attractive and have a relationship with the opposite sex.

ring finger:

It is customary to wear a wedding ring on it since ancient Rome. According to legend, this finger is connected to the heart and is most suitable for making sacred vows. There are important acupuncture points on the ring finger, and the ring can be worn on it to moderately press the muscles, which has the effect of calming emotions.

Little finger:

The little finger conveys a seductive and sexy message. Unexpected things will happen when the ring is worn on it. It is especially recommended for those who are intuitive and engaged in fashion related work.

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