Welcome to men's silver ring, 100% silver 100% genuine
Welcome to men's silver ring, 100% silver 100% genuine

Gem Gossip Visits Keil’s Antiques in New Orleans, LA

An iconic New Orleans store considering that 1899, Keil’s Antiques is actually a treasure trove! My stop by towards the Massive Simple around the weekend was my initial time ever and that i didn’t recognize the amount of lifestyle, great meals and sticky temperature I was going to come upon, although eagerly using everything in! Each and every storefront in the French Quarter is very distinctive and equally historic, with Royal Avenue remaining my favored! That’s exactly where Keil’s Antiques is located plus they provide many of essentially the most beautiful antique jewelry, 18th & 19th century chandeliers, European furniture and objets d’art. The shop was founded by Hermina Keil, a female trailblazer who opened her own business during a time in which it was a rare occurrence for a woman to do so. It has stayed inside the family around the last 100+ years and is currently run by granddaughter Andre Keil Moss and her sons Peter and Keil Moss. I had the pleasure of meeting Peter, as well as Donna & Maggie who both work with the jewelry at Keil’s and are passionate about it!

I used to be enchanted the moment I walked through the front door, after to start with longfully gazing into the front windows and at the black wrought iron details. As you can see from the photos above, you know what I mean! The selection of fine antique jewelry is both broad and selective, spanning several artistic time periods and including several price ranges. Keil’s has pieces that have been hand-selected from in excess of in Europe as well as local estate items that have been New Orleans’ heirlooms for several years and are now available in store. You never know what you’re going to find and i love how the store caters to both serious antique jewelry collectors, offering extremely rare pieces and museum-worthy items, as well as the novice collector, offering staples like intaglios, signet rings, serpent jewelry and cameos.

Each and every piece I tried on I sort of felt faintish and lost my breath upon putting on-from the Victorian handmade gold chains that wrapped around my neck, to the sparkle fest on my fingers from each individual beautiful ring, and the dangly drops of antique goodness hanging from my ears. I also noticed how their selection of cuffs and bracelets was by far one of the most I’ve seen in cheap wedding ringsmy travels. So many styles and matching pairs of bracelets, I had been loving them all-ranging from the Art Deco diamond encrusted ones to your delicate Victorian tracery bangles. I know there are some readers who love micromosaics, so I made sure to photograph the one I found at Keil’s depicting an Egyptian pharaoh. I love the colors and the intricacies of your brooch. Keil’s offers a few more micromosaics as well. And if you’re from the market for an antique engagement ring, how romantic would it be to take a trip to New Orleans to pick out your forever ring at Keil’s?! I know you silver diamond ringwill find a ring of your dreams there, the selection is impeccable and there are so many options.

I want to take the time to thank the amazing staff of Keil’s for welcoming me to their store and working with me on this one of a kind kind of “advertising” as it was a very first for them in their 100+ years of business. I love shedding light on stores like Keil’s, giving you a glimpse into their world whether you’re a New Orleans local, live 8 hours away or a continent away, I hope that this blog feature provokes you to want to stop by. As always, if you see ANYTHING featured in this blog post from Keil’s that you may be interested in and want to know details and pricing, feel free to email keilsantiques@wqtbicxjdnyk.com

325 Royal Avenue

New Orleans, LA 70130


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