Welcome to men's silver ring, 100% silver 100% genuine
Welcome to men's silver ring, 100% silver 100% genuine

Gem Gossip Visits C.Kirk Root Models in Austin, TX

C. Kirk Root Layouts, like a gemstone, has quite a few facets to it. From customized design and style get the job done, to prepared appraisals, to award-winning styles, bridal and engagement rings, free gemstones, in-house repairs, and in some cases antique & estate jewelry! The store is really a one-stop-shop for all your jewelry needs! Located in Austin, Texas in the Arboretum Shopping Center, the location is convenient and is super easy to find! Once you walk in, the white cases and soft lighting will have you feeling like you’re in some sort of gemstone heaven.

What is most important and interesting about C. Kirk Root Patterns, which opened in 1989, is their specialty and focus on colored gemstones. My newfound love of color and recent prediction of colored gemstones being a huge trend this year had me enthralled at every moment during my visit. Both mounted and unmounted, C. Kirk Root Models has an abundance of gemstones, even rare and unique cut gems. I was captivated by their opals-they had some black opals and water opals-and discovering their lineup of “Lone Star Blue Topaz” was so cool! I’ve always been a lover of fantasy cut gemstones and this had Texas pride published all over it! Would be a neat way to commemorate a trip or time spent in silver earringsTexas for those who aren’t into the typical t-shirt and bumper sticker. One of their show-stopping pieces was a huge Tanzanite ring which I got to try on (pictured above)-it took my breath away! I loved stacking up all the colorful gemstone rings-the colors really complemented each other, especially when we brought them outside to shoot some photos on a pretty spring day.

Texas-themed jewelry is also a specialty of theirs, with not only the Lone Star cut which I mentioned before, but lots of custom University of Texas pieces, as well as cheap promise ringscustomized made state symbols. I loved their bluebonnet earrings (Texas’ state flower) made from sapphires, diamonds and tsavorites. I tried on a pair and rocked it like an “ear climber” earring. Other native flowers, like the Indian Paintbrush, Waterleaf, and Texas Golden Wave are brought to life in jewelry versions, each which last forever unlike their real-life counterparts.

Antique and Estate Jewelry is another aspect of C. Kirk Root Styles with a very diverse selection. Items from the Victorian Era on up through the 1950s are showcased, with some items they’ve reworked to create a one-of-a-kind item. I was fascinated by the watch ring and loved their stone cameo rings. The large sparkler I’m wearing with a rectangle-cluster of diamonds surrounding a green sapphire was insanely beautiful in person. I couldn’t keep my eyes off it!

If you see any pieces in the above photos that catch your attention and would like more information, feel free to email (info@yxomncfludwe.com) or call (512-346-1780)

C. Kirk Root Designs10000 Research Blvd. #126Austin, TX 78759