Welcome to men's silver ring, 100% silver 100% genuine
Welcome to men's silver ring, 100% silver 100% genuine

Gem Gossip Visits Brunk Auctions May eleven & 12 Premier Sale

What a fun opportunity to preview some incredible pieces coming up at auction and not have to drive several hours or fly to a new city-yes, Brunk Auctions could be located in Asheville, NC but they have an office here in Nashville! This has me extremely excited about sharing more from their future upcoming sales, as we all cheap jewelryknow how passionate I am about auctions. Their Premier Catalog Sale is happening in just a few days-May 11th & 12th-so you’ll want to flip through the catalog yourself and get registered to bid ASAP! There are some really unique pieces in this sale from both private estates and entire personal collections from one single individual.

The jewelry lots begin at lot number 437 and continue through 556, with a large bulk consisting of animal jewelry like foxes, painted dog portraits, lions, horses, cows, and much more. These pieces come from the Estate of Elizabeth Dunn Clark, a lover and advocate of animals and avid breeder of labrador retrievers. What is special about all the pieces that are being auctioned off by Brunk that once belonged to her is that some of the proceeds will benefit The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and the Morris Animal Foundation.

It was such a pleasure getting to experience the jewelry being auctioned off in the May well Sale from Brunk in person. Each piece instantaneously came to life and went from being an image in an auction catalog to a true treasure. I hope these photos from my visit put the pieces into perspective for you in terms of size and wearability-maybe you will spot a piece that you think would complement an outfit you have or notice how a certain item would fit into your collection perfectly.

Three sentimental charm bracelets silver earrings for menfor your charm-obsessed appetite – lot 535 is the one on the left side of the photo with the BIG charms and lot 464 is the one closest to the bottom, while lot 538 is the one on top!

Two cool rings consisting of a lion and tiger are what I’m wearing in this photo – the enamel tiger is in the three-piece lot 536 and the lion ring is lot 551 and is a Lalaounis piece.

The clip-on earrings I’m wearing here are so cool, they are part of the three-piece lot 536 and are the popular lion motif that was popular during the 1960s.

Here is the similar brooch version of the lion earrings from the last photo. This brooch is lot 549, done in 18k yellow gold with diamonds, ruby and emeralds.

If you have a thing for diamond bracelets, this auction is the jackpot for you! Lot 444 is the double row all-diamond one-it is set in platinum and totals approximately 7 carats! The one with sapphire accents is lot 445 and it is an Art Deco stunner, with a major 0.88 carat Old European diamond in the center. Lot 504 is the platinum, diamond and circular ruby motif bracelet-this piece is Art Deco as well and set in platinum. The emerald accented bracelet is lot 515, you probably guessed, Art Deco set in platinum and oozing with diamonds (all old cuts). The last bracelet (the widest one) is incredibly stunning-it is lot 518 and showcases a knockout oval cut in the center, flanked by trillion cut diamonds on each side. Can you believe there are approximately 24 carats of diamonds in this baby?! Flashy and fabulous!

Lover of Egyptian Revival jewelry? This piece is for you! Carved lapis set in 18k yellow gold as both a brooch and swiveling pendant, lot 441.

Love this trio of rings! From left to right: lot 450 opal and diamond ring set in 14k white gold, lot 516 green geometric ring set in 14k yellow gold, and lot 502 platinum, aquamarine and diamond ring!

Pile on the bracelets and rings-my mantra always!

Love these two bracelets paired together, the one on the left is lot 480 done in 18k yellow gold with rubies and diamonds, very retro! The other is lot 471and is done in 18k yellow gold with two lion heads facing each other.

I initially didn’t notice these earrings when I browsed through the catalog online, but at the preview these knocked my socks off! Truly my favorite pick, I might bid on them myself! Some glowing cabochon emeralds, diamonds set in 14k yellow gold. These are clip-ons and totally comfortable, lot 481.

Just giving you one more reason as to why everyone should stack their rings and bracelets!

This woven gold collar necklace was the ideal piece my outfit was missing! Look how utterly perfect it hugs my shirt! It is lot 461 and it has a slightly domed shape to it, which I think shows its level of craftsmanship.

Thanks for having me Katie (Jewelry Specialist) and Sarah (Nashville director).

Here are some important links:

To register for the auction

Date/Time: May perhaps 11th & 12th 2018, 9am EST

This sponsored blog post was brought to you in collaboration with Brunk Auctions.

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