Welcome to men's silver ring, 100% silver 100% genuine
Welcome to men's silver ring, 100% silver 100% genuine

Gem Gossip ABCs Campaign #LoveGold

Not too long ago I introduced a great, inventive marketing campaign on Instagram showcasing the ABCs. I’ve been planning to show off my personalized selection extra with audience, plus the idea arrived to me one particular day-what much better approach to do that that has a pleasurable sequence! Not just is Instagram so ingenious for reshaping the way we share images, but I also love its technique for connecting with folks that share exactly the same passion. My viewers really like to hashtag #showmeyourrings when they are stacked up with their most loved rings on, and LoveGold has developed the hashtag #wearelovegold for anyone who uncover precious gold jewelry within their each day life.

Here’s a recap of my #gemgossipABC marketing campaign:

A is for ABCS: delivers you the ABCs of my own collection, all this thirty day period!

B is for BLACK: antique intaglio, black onyx ring & black enamel band

C is for CAD: the only ring in my selection made from a CAD rendering by @ojvwhrlgbami

D is for DICK: 18k yellow gold

E cheap jewelry onlineis for EVIL EYE: Sydney Evan sapphire & diamond bracelet

F is for FILIGREE: which is open metal work, characteristic of 1920s jewelry

G is for GARNET: rhodolite, almandite, pyrope, grossularite, tsavorite, hessonite…there are lots!

H is for HOOPS: worn rarely but still essential in any jewelry wardrobe

I is for INSECTS: Daniela Villegas ring, spider earrings are vintage & a Victorian beetle brooch (made using a REAL beetle)

J is for JUNGLE CATS: panthers, jaguars, leopards, lions, tigers…I adore them all!

K is for KNOT: as fashion jewellery onlinein a Victorian appreciate knot, which was a popular motif during the Victorian Era

L is for LABRADORITE: a magical gemstone, rings from Arik Kastan

M is for MOVE: as in, I’ve moved all of Arrow & Anchor Antique’s inventory into my jewelry box

N is for NAVETTE: a favored shape of mine when talking rings

O is for OMG: can you guess what arrived to my doorstep today, that I have been coveting for FOUR YEARS!!

P is for PEARL: cultured & freshwater necklaces

Q is for QUARTZ: purple variety is amethyst, yellow variety is citrine, brown variety is smokey quartz, etc

R is for RING BOXES: as in antique ring boxes, each a person unique, that has a hidden story behind it, even down to the dirty velvet!

S is for SERPENTI: my preferred jewelry book by Marion Fasel as well as my favourite reptile used as jewelry

T is for TURQUOISE: such a pretty gem, which is said to bring success & happiness

U is for UNUSUAL: love when designers use unusual items paired with 18k yellow gold-Lena Skadegard uses shells, which look awesome stacked or alone

V is for VICTORIAN: an era of jewelry that is incredibly romantic & sentimental

W is for WATCH: I prefer this antique watch that I got for my 26th birthday

X is for X-RING: the original, from Eva Fehren

Y is for YES: I said YES, January, 25, 2013 and have been wearing this Victorian bypass ring since then

Z is for ZOE CHICCO: a preferred designer of mine and a great way to end #gemgossipABC

This post was brought to you in collaboration withLoveGold