Welcome to men's silver ring, 100% silver 100% genuine
Welcome to men's silver ring, 100% silver 100% genuine

Four New Jewelry Trends You would like to try with Fellows Auctions

With all the hotter time headed our way (fortunately!) it’s time to split the mould and try some new jewelry kinds! Equally as any stylist would let you know, sift through your wardrobe and purge the tops and bottoms you haven’t worn in awhile, you will need to do the exact same using your jewelry wardrobe. My preferred matter to complete should you be not into permitting items of your jewelry go should be to simply just adopt a new means of wearing jewelry which you have not performed in advance of! I have think of Four new jewelry traits I’ll undoubtedly be striving this period, in hopes you will do a similar.

Lucky for us, Fellows Auction has an Antique & Modern Jewellery sale coming up May 12th that has items of jewelry which fit perfectly with my four developments. I love Fellows Auctions and their selection continues to be top notch! I sometimes wish I had the time and money to visit England again, but honestly bidding with Fellows and browsing through their catalogues is equally as good and saves time/money

Be sure to register to bid and let us know if you check out any of these jewelry style suggestions:

Should Test: Bold Earrings + Slicked back hair (sans necklace!)

Lot 29: This trend is all about the earrings, so the bolder they are, the better! These are intricate, special and made in the Victorian Era, so they won’t let you down. Perfecting the slicked back hair look may take a professional to carry out or if you want to test yourself go for it. It takes a little to get used to, especially for anyone who is keen on having hair flowing in your face at all times. These earrings are geometric and have the best gemstone combo.

Lot 57: These urn-inspired dangle earrings have to have to be shown off! You might love them even more after realizing the green urns are actually emeralds. The seed pearl details emitting a dainty vibe, that would stand out with hair totally slicked back and no other necklaces.

Lot 489: I have a detail for torpedo-like motif dangles of the Victorian Era and these earrings depict everything I’m loving about that! Set with pretty purple amethyst and seed pearls, these will be sure to stand out. I love how amethyst is having a huge comeback and for anyone who is not aware of that, here you go!

Should Check out: Black Velvet choker with brooch

Lot 38: I love the choker trend and it can be achieved easily with my own spin on it-changing out brooches by pinning them either directly in the middle of a piece of wide black velvet or toward the bottom so the brooch “dangles” downward. To accentuate the “dangle” vibe, pick a brooch that actually has a dangle feature. This turquoise and pearl brooch is perfect, as it has a boho feel and the colors scream summer.

Lot 233: Again, amethyst is hugely popular so adding this brooch to a black velvet choker will have you dominating jewelry traits. This brooch even has some “swag” chains hanging from it. I think it would look good with a thick or thin piece of black velvet-which can be secured with a safety pin or if you can sew, some velcro.

Lot 298: Everything you could ever want in a Victorian brooch-carbuncle garnet, tassles, torpedo-motif dangles…bold gold. This would look so stunning hanging close to the neck. Show it off even more by putting on no other jewelry with the hair pulled back-all eyes on this brooch!

Should Check out: Statement Pinky Ring

Lot 230: Always wanted a pinky ring but never got around to finding something that fits your tiniest finger?! Well now is your chance! Statement pinky rings are huge for fashion earrings onlinesummer…in fact, it might be the only factor you can get away with carrying on your fingers during these hot months. I like something bold and colorful, this ring is a great option, using multiple gemstones-not one repeats itself!

Lot 502: A cluster ring can do wonders for a small, little pinky. This ring features an oval cut sapphire surrounded by diamonds-a classic, yes, but take a look at the etching along the band. Incredibly performed! All signs point to YES you’ll need this.

Lot 693: If you want more of an antique cluster ring for your statement pinky ring, look no further than this piece. Set with a stone cameo of a woman’s profile, surrounded by rose cut diamonds…and the best part-the shank and setting are so unique. Such a masterpiece. Your pinky will thank you!

Ought to Consider: DIY Bolo Tie using pin to secure

Lot 81: If this isn’t the coolest Egyptian Revival piece, I don’t know what is! The bolo tie, often popular for men especially cowboys, found its height during the 80s and is having a comeback, but for women! Just get some braided black leather, usually they have metal on the ends that is pointed…and is cinched by a clip. I think changing out the clip with different pins would be so fun. This pin would be great, I love the lapis detail against the yellow gold.

Lot 425: Victorian swirls of seed pearls make this a great option for a bolo tie. Unique green enameling gives it a nature-inspired look, finished off with a diamond in the center. Place the pin at the highest it can go for a choker look together with the bolo tie or loosely in the middle just above the heart.

Lot 479: Crescent moons are wildly popular and have been that way for centuries. This one-even more special than your average crescent moon, even though crescent moons are hardly average. Set with diamonds and bright blue turquoise, it has my stylish mind wandering. Totally up for the bolo tie challenge using this piece, it would look killer!

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