Welcome to men's silver ring, 100% silver 100% genuine
Welcome to men's silver ring, 100% silver 100% genuine

Bouquets & Insects, Antique Jewels from The Eden Collective

The Eden Collective continues to offer some incredible pieces of antique jewelry, and the latest batch of acquisitions does not disappoint! Inspired by the summer season, Eden has been working hard on some flower rings and insect trinkets, most of which have been created using antique elements and incidentals. I love the idea of repurposing parts of jewelry, whether they are unwearable or broken, and turning them into treasures that can be worn and look cool! Eden knows all about that, having been brought along to auctions and sales with her father since she could remember! She loves all things antique and vintage, and with an eye for styling which she has done for many years, she is keen on what catches the eye!

The above photos depict the beauties she currently has for sale in her Etsy shop-if not listed, make sure to start a conversation with her to ask if certain items are still available, or what you’re looking for! I recently purchased a Date Ring, dated 1922, from her shop (pictured inset) and I am so in love! I have found that it pairs so well with other antique rings and is stackable too. Can’t wait to collect more!

Above photos, from top to bottom:

Photo One:

1. repurposed 10k art nouveau lace pin with baroque seed pearls and sapphire mounted on our own design 10k scroll shank

2. big bug ring: repurposed amethyst paste body from stick pin with recycled garnet and diamond accents, the rest 14k our design

3. antique ostby barton with garnet baby ring as midi

4. antique ostby barton baby signet as midi

5. antique 14k and diamond flower bracelet

Photo Two:

1. repurposed antique bird micro mosaic (was a button) set in 14k with our own design scroll shank in 14k

2. our own bicolor gold (rose inner band and yellow outer bands) gimmel ring with diamond set cuffs & posy motto engraved on the inner band “endless be my love for thee”

Photo Three:

1. rose cut diamond fly: repurposed from antique collar button. our 14k shank fly is 14k and sterling with ruby eyes.

2. our own design bug cuff midi will silver ring for menbe available in 14k or 10k with diamond eyes/ other stones as requested

3 repurposed antique rose cut diamond set sterling fly on 1920’s onyx ring set in 10k filigree mounting

Photo Four:

1. our sterling silver big bee ring repurposed and molded from a vintage brooch and mounted on our thick ribbed shank

2. our newest! “pollinate me” crossover ring in sterling with 14k shank and bee body and recycled diamonds

Photo Five:

1. 10k “amor” ring our design after vintage ring found in Merida, Yucatan

2. little bug ring: recycled cabochon sapphire and opal, 14k shank and wings, etc. our sterling silver rings for womendesign

3. antique art nouveau enamel forget me not stick pin repurposed as ( midi) ring

Photo Six:

1. antique 14k art nouveau enameled pansy stick pin with diamond repurposed as ( midi) ring

2. antique 14k art nouveau enameled pansy pin with diamond mounted on our own design 14k scroll shank

3. antique 14k pansy stick pin repurposed as ring